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Links to Cosmetic Products & Sites
Booth Elliott & Co is actively seeking like minded professionally run cosmetic related web site owners to implement reciprical links with. We are looking for complimentary sites featuring cosmetic products that might be of interest to our clients appearence and makeup needs - we hope that Pearlie tooth whitening enamel will be of interest your clients.


Our Reciprocal Cosmetic Links Terms and Conditions


  1. Please note that Booth Elliott & Co Ltd are not responsible for the content, services, claims or products of any external web sites linking from or to
  2. If you request a reciprocal link with Booth Elliott and Co Ltd then we expect you to be the owner (or an authorised representative of the owner) of the company owning the destination site.
  3. Booth Elliott & Co Ltd reserve the right to modify, classify, reorganise, reword, refuse and remove any/all details relating to third-party links at any time without having to provide reasons for our actions. You may of course at any time request that your link and details be removed from our site which we will action ASAP or at least within 30 days from receipt of your emailed request - we expect your site to do likewise.
  4. Booth Elliott & Co Ltd expect that your web site will reciprocate a link to from a well organised relevant links page and/or from relevant subject matter/text within your site.
  5. Booth Elliott and Co Ltd will not knowingly link to web sites using unethical search engine promotion methods/techniques and do not wish to be connected to any sites carrying penalties or those sites excluded from search engines for having used such methods.
  6. Reciprocal Link Requests must include a URL to the home page along with a short title (no more than 8 words), description (no more than 25 words).
  7. These conditions may be changed from time to time.


If your company agrees to the above terms and conditions and is interested in suggesting a reciprocal link then Contact Us with the required details (see point 6 above).


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