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Booth Elliott & Co Ltd are the manufacturer & sole distributor of Pearlie products and have been producing specialised tooth whitening cosmetic products for whitening teeth since 1981. Pearlie Tooth Paint is our flagship tooth cosmetic designed to cover difficult stains on teeth and loved by our many loyal customers. We've also added the Pearlie PAP Whitening Pen & Pearlie Teeth Whitening Foam Toothpaste to our range - these products designed to cost effectively assist with whitening teeth, i.e. as an alternative to expensive teeth whitening procedures. Pearlie products are specially formulated to be easy to apply and completely safe & suitable for home use.


Pearlie instant teeth whitening cosmetic has featured several times on TV. Pearlie was demonstrated on RTE One's The Daily Show and has featured twice on ITV's This Morning show where on both occasions it was used as part of a professional makeover. This Morning's makeover professional referred to Pearlie as: "Special tooth paint which works absolutely fantastically but washes off at the end of the day". Pearlie instant teeth whitening enamel was also featured by The Daily Mail and used in a festive makeover. Pearlie is not just for Xmas though - it's a great tooth whitening cosmetic for parties, special occasions or whenever the mood takes you!

Bottle of Pearlie Teeth Whitening Cosmetic, Instant Teeth Whitening System - apply to tooth to give tooth whitening when you want it. 


PEARLIE Instant Whitening Cosmetic Veneer for Whiter Teeth

For over 40 years Booth Elliott & Co Ltd have been supplying teeth whitening products to our loyal customer base.

Beautiful Smile  - Pearlie teeth whitening cosmetic enamel for whiter teeth - tooth whitening when you want it.

Pearlie was created to address the need for a tooth whitening cosmetic that could be used as required on teeth, dentures, fillings and bridges without the need to resort to expensive teeth whitening dental procedures. Pearlie provides a quick way to whiten teeth - teeth whitening when and where you want it. Pearlie tooth enamel provides a simple to use tooth whitening solution for covering up stains, grey teeth, yellow teeth resulting from medication or general discoloration or fillings on teeth - so you can smile again with confidence. We suggest it is used as part of your daily routine to effectively create natural looking whiter teeth. Pearlie is a non-toxic and non-abrasive tooth whitening cosmetic veneer completely safe for home use.

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Pearlie PAP Teeth Whitening Pen
Specially designed for ease of application. Our new product safely removes enamel staining resulting in a lighter brighter smile. Easy to apply in minutes. Results visible within 4-5 days. Maintain results thereafter with once or twice a week application. No peroxides or harmful ingredients.

Pearlie Teeth Whitening Foam Toothpaste


Our Pearlie Teeth Whitening Foam Toothpaste can be used with our PAP Pen to assist with whitening teeth - both products help to reduce the impact of staining on teeth from everyday food and drinks such tomato based sauces, curries, beetroot, berries, red wine, tea, coffee and also discolouration resulting from smoking.


Pearlie tooth whitening products are used to create naturally whiter looking teeth - whiter looking teeth when seen in person. However, Pearlie teeth whitening products also improve the appearance of teeth during Zoom, FaceTime, Skype and similar video calls.


Pearlie products helping to enable brighter more confident smiles!

In summary, Pearlie Tooth Paint covers up unwanted discoloration on teeth. The Pearlie PAP Tooth Whitening Pen & Pearlie Teeth Whitening Foam Toothpaste products help remove stains in teeth.

Pearlie products are simple to use and highly cost effective.. Teeth whitening cosmetic products .. Pearlie make your teeth look naturally white .. you can smile again.

-> See movie clips from RTE One's The Daily Show & ITV's "THIS MORNING" programme

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