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Pearlie tooth whitener tooth whitening cosmetic enamel

Frequently Asked Questions:

Pearlie Enamel Tooth Cosmetic FAQ:
  • Are instructions for use included? - Simple application instructions are included with each order.
  • How does one prepare teet h prior to applying Pearlie? - Simply by brushing your teeth - Pearlie must be applied to a clean surface and the teeth should be dry.
  • Can Pearlie be used on veneers, caps, crowns and bridges? - Pearlie works equally well on these.
  • Is your product safe to apply onto decayed teeth? - No, it should not be used on decayed teeth.
  • How often do I need to apply Pearlie? - Daily or as required.
  • Does Pearlie taste or smell of anything? - There is a pleasant and fresh hint of peppermint as the product is applied.

earlie PAP Teeth Whitening PEN FAQ:
  • Does the product remove stains in teeth? - The product safely lifts enamel staining caused by tea. Coffee, red wine, and smoking. For a lighter brighter smile.
  • How quick is it to apply? - Easy to apply in minutes.
  • How quick can results be seen? - Results visible within 4-5 days of initial use..
  • How often should I apply to maintain results? - Maintain results with once or twice a week application.

General FAQs:

  • Are Pearlie products safe? - Yes - completely non-toxic and safe for home use. Safety assessed and complies with EU Directives.
  • Are there any ingredients that might be harmful? - No peroxides or other harmful ingredients that can damage teeth.
  • Is credit card payment safe? - Yes with the latest Shopify Shopping cart system security methods.
  • I don't have a credit card can I pay by cheque or bankers draft? - Yes - please see Payment Methods.
  • If I order a bottle of Pearlie how long will it take to deliver? - UK allow 3-4 working days; Europe 5-7 working days and USA and rest of the World allow up to 10 working days.
  • How do I calculate how much English Pounds is in my own currency? - See our Order page for more info.

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